Our Practice

The goal of our practice is to provide comprehensive care for women with gynecologic malignancies and complex gynecologic issues. In order to achieve that purpose, we are comprised of a large group of providers.

Our physicians, Dr. McBee and Dr. Lesnock, both trained in Gynecologic Oncology at Magee-Women’s Hospital of UPMC. Between the two physicians, office hours are available four days a week so that patients can get appointments quickly. We have an excellent relationship with regional physician offices and facilities so that we can facilitate timely referrals.

Our staff includes Jessica, Regan, Heather, Rayan, Karrie, and Kim. Jessica Pforr, a nurse practitioner, is an integral part to outpatient care. Jessica spends the majority of her time with our patients receiving chemotherapy. She meets with each patient before each chemotherapy cycle to provide much needed medical and emotional support. She also sees patients with us in the office. As the office manager, Regan coordinates the scheduling of all patients in the operating room and office. Her presence allows patients to get appointments and surgeries scheduled as quickly as possible. Rayan and Heather are instrumental in making office visits go smoothly. They spend a lot of time behind the scenes getting the preoperative tests, clearances and authorizations that are needed to have surgery. Karrie Comstock and Kim Sanders are key components of patients’ surgical experience. Karrie is a physician’s assistant, and Kim is a registered nurse. Both have more than 15 years of experience in the operating room and provide invaluable assistance with all surgical procedures.

As a group, we are dedicated to providing excellent care and support to all of our patients. Our office is located in the Zelda Stein Weiss Cancer Center at Mon Health. We are available by phone every day of the week between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM.

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    1200 J.D. Anderson Drive

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